WTB Trail Boss 29×2.6 | $70

While the Trail Boss has been a staple for rides subscribing to the WTB diet, the Trail Boss tire has been sneaking Twinkies and has gained some serious girth. The Trail Boss is designed for loose and/or wet conditions, preferably as a rear tire matched with the Vigilante (available 2.5 or 2.6) up front. With width options of 2.4 or 2.6 as a 29er, the Trail Boss weighs in between 1,196 and 1,286 grams depending on your choice of the two casings offered by WTB.

Trail Boss

EVIL Palmela Handerson | $30

What EVIL is alluding to with the name of these grips is not quite clear, but they give a few hints on their website as to the intended purpose of them. EVIL claims the grips will “vaccinate you against arm pump,” which is probably accomplished with the “tacky rubber ribs increasing all-day comfort” and designing the grips ergonomically to “have curves in all the right places.”  The Palmela Handerson grips also come in many color options to suit a wide variety of preferences.

EVIL Bikes

Cane Creek eeBarKeep | $40

These lightweight, CNC’d bar ends will keep your ride looking as fresh as if you were drowning in Frebreeze. They’re also only 6 grams each, so feel free to pack the extra doughnut on your ride to keep that blood sugar up while you snag your next KOM. As the finer things in life always should be, the eeBarKeeps are only available in anodized black.

Cane Creek

Picky Bars | $2.75

Speaking of staying fresh, the website for Picky Bars opens with the words “So Fresh” in the middle of your screen. Diving deeper, Picky Bars seems to be yet another brand (hold on, this is a good thing) that has strong beliefs on making their products with real, wholesome food that isn’t just chocked full of glucose and concoctions made up in the laboratory. I can pronounce all but one of the ingredients on their packaging, which must mean their claims are true. Perhaps it might be prudent to ditch the doughnut for the next ride and pick up a few of these. Although, technically speaking, doughnuts are real food too.

Picky Bars