Fresh Produce – Upgrades from Pedals to Straps

New Goods From One Up, Backcountry Research, Tioga and Sweet Protection.

One Up Composite Pedals

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The Composite Pedal is available now for $48.

With 10 steel pins per side and a relatively large convex platform, One Up’s budget pedals are made to be supportive and durable, not unlike a good significant other. And if you’re looking to get into a relationship with a pedal, at $48 these are a catch. Designed with a thinner leading edge to help avoid pedal strikes and a thin but strong rubber compound, it’s sure to get you up… and down the mountain.

Backcountry Research Mütherload Gear Strap

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The Mütherload strap sells for $19 and is available in any color or design you could possibly want.

The Mütherload is Backcountry Research’s answer to strapping any and all pieces of gear to your frame. Using their “dual-shockcord” system and a very long velcro strap, Backcountry Research claims whatever you’re mounting will stick like “poo to a shoe.” Slide anything you want between the two elastic cords, push it up against your frame and wrap the strap extra tight, and you are good to go. If you’re looking to attach gear to your seat rails instead of your frame, check out Backcountry Research’s Race Strap.

Tioga Undercover Stratum Saddle

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The pictured chromoly rail saddle sell for $120 and the carbon railed version will go for $200.

The Undercover Stratum uses Tioga’s “Spyder” technology – the minimalist looking plastic web – and put it under a slim layer of padding. The result is a saddle that claims to conform to the riders body, while offering more comfort and shock absorption. There is still a slit in the covering mid-saddle to offer ventilation, and the saddle will be available in carbon or chromoly rails, weighing 150 and 200 grams, respectively. There will also be two new models available later in the year, the Undercover BOOST, designed with a slightly different shape and more padding, and the Undercover HERS, a women’s specific model.

 Ergon GA3

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Available 2018, the GA3 Grips will sell for $30.

The new GA3 is an addition to Ergon’s gravity and all-mountain line and takes notes from the popular GA2. Using a soft rubber, the grip is rounded on the leading edge for easy hand movement, but adds a slight wing to the grip for extra wrist support. The texture atop the grip is a uniform thickness that is supposed to move slightly with hand movement, and the off-round shape helps to reduce the need for the rider to deathgrip the bars.


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