Tasco MTB Cold Weather Kit

Tasco MTB, cold weather, bike gloves, bike socks

The Cold Weather Kit is available for $51.

You guessed it—gloves and socks for cold weather riding. Of course, Tasco MTB is based in Southern California where it doesn’t get cold, so these are really designed for cold-ish riding. As in 40 degrees. The gloves are fleece-lined and have a windproof and water-resistant top, the palm is a single-layer synthetic leather and the closure forgoes Velcro for a neoprene cuff. Plus, these work with a touch screen. If you don’t post on Instagram, did it even happen? The socks are merino wool and have a pattern to match the gloves.

The Cold Weather Kit

Spurcycle TI Tool

Spurcycle, Titanium, Bike Tool

Pre-order the TI Tool for $70.

Spurcycle beat Santa to the draw with an early present—The TI Tool. If you didn’t know, titanium is kind of a big deal. With 10-different bits and a small package that fits in the palm of your hand, there’s no reason not to carry this.  If you are looking for gifts, bikers are always trying to pare down what they carry. This tool is about as small and light as they come. And it’s functional. The bit driver can slide back and forth along the titanium bar for extra leverage or a comfortable grip, and the bits magnetically snap into the driver.

TI Tool

Park Tool BO-2

Park Tool, BO-2, Bottle Opener

Affordable and functional. The BO-2 is $7.

The BO-2 is a hefty piece of metal that could compete with any bar’s best bottle opener. The classic blue handle will let everybody know you’re a Park Tool enthusiast, as opposed to just being a tool. If you’re shopping for a biker who has everything, the BO-2 could be just what the doctor ordered. Or at least the beer it opens will be what the doctor ordered.


Hope Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

Hope tech, bottle opener, stainless steel

Laser-like precision for $7.

Hope broke out the laser cutter to make its bottle opener. In classic Hope style, the design is intricate and beautiful. Surprise your friends with this bottle-opening art piece for the holidays.

Bottle Opener

Wolf Tooth Bottle Opener

Wolf Tooth, Bottle opener, rotor true

Compatible with any beer bottle and disc rotor. The Wolf Tooth bottle opener retails for $15.

A third bottle opener! Say What? I don’t like to stereotype, but bikers like beer. The Wolf Tooth is the only opener here small enough and lightweight enough to make sense for carrying on the trail. With that in mind, it also has a rotor-truing slot for when you finish the beer and subsequently crash your bike. All that being said, I don’t condone carrying glass bottles while riding. Stashing a few in a cooler in the woods however—that I can get down with.

Bottle Opener