Softstar Primal RunAmoc Shoe—$140

The folks over at Softstar might have run amok with the Primal shoe. The toe box is wide enough that I thought I was writing about circus products instead of bike products. But Softstar claims the odd-looking shoe has health benefits, and who am I to deny a self-respecting clown an around-town shoe. Plus, the shoe’s toe cap is created from recycled bicycle tubes, so it’s good for the environment also. The minimal shoe is meant to mirror the foot’s shape before shoes were popular. For those with big toes or who want to maintain natural foot function (read as barefoot foot function), the Primal is the answer. The thin sole, flexible upper and lightweight build are all purpose-built to allow your foot to be unconstrained and unencumbered. Designed and manufactured in Oregon, the Primal lets your foot run free.

Primal RunAmoc Shoe

Presta Coffee Roasters 120 PSI—$14

The 120 PSI from Presta is a blend of beans from Guatemala and Ethiopia specifically formulated for espressos. Roasted in Tuscon, Arizona, Presta is all about bringing small batches of high-quality coffee to the people. The owner, Curtis Zimmerman is a long-time biker and Presta reflects that. It’s in the name. Head to the Tuscon cafe for a fresh cup, or order the 120 PSI from the company’s online store. If so inclined, you can even sign up for a subscription service to receive fresh roasted coffee weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Presta 120 PSI

King Cage Titanium Bottle Lever—$8

Are you a weight weenie? Do you like bottled beverages? Are your hands not strong enough to pull the tab on that can? Well, King Cage has a product for you. Made with aerospace-grade titanium, the Bottle Lever is a featherweight option for opening bottles and cans. And, unlike most things titanium, it isn’t crazy expensive. The Bottle Lever is handmade in Durango, Colorado, and designed for simplicity. Use the crossbar to leverage off a cap, or sneak it under a stubborn tab on a can. It just plain works.

Titanium Bottle Lever

Tailwind Nutrition Tailwind Rebuild

Colorado-based Tailwind Nutrition is all about being healthy, as any company with nutrition in the name should be. The new Rebuild powders from Tailwind are vegan, gluten-free alternatives to normal recovery powder. Just add water. Tailwind claims Rebuild has all the carbs, amino acids and electrolytes to help you recover faster, so you can get back on the bike and be feeling good in no time. The recovery drink mix comes in vanilla or chocolate flavors and will be available early 2018.

Tailwind Nutrition