SunRace MX80 Cassette

You’ve seen all the different add-ons, aftermarket modifications and bolt-on big rings that take your eleven-speed drivetrain to new levels of granny gearing. But why modify when you can get an entire package? The MX80 cassette is part of said complete package. It’s a 11 to 50-tooth, 11-speed cassette designed to fit on your Shimano drive body. The 10th and 11th sprockets are anodized A7075 aluminum, while the first through ninth are steel. All together, it weighs 512 grams. And there is something to be said for using a cassette, derailleur and shifter that were all designed to work together. Prices for all products are unknown, but expect to see these as an OEM spec soon.


SunRace MZ80 Derailleur

What’s a direct line to a rider’s heart? Silver? Gold? Carbon? Definitely carbon. Just in case it is silver or gold though, SunRace isn’t taking any chances. The company included all three. Sure, the silver and gold are just colors, not actual precious metals, but the carbon is no such gimmick. It is real and raw. The cage is carbon, the links are forged alloy and there’s the requisite plastic switch for engaging or disengaging the clutch. Put it together and the derailleur weighs 267 grams.

SunRace MX Shifter

With a cassette and derailleur, a shifter must follow. The MX shifter isn’t anything fancy or game-changing, it’s just a normal shifter. One trigger for shifting up, another for shifting down. If you find yourself on a steep slope in need of gears fast, the MX can shift four gears with one lever throw. If you find yourself on flat ground it can shift one at a time too, but that’s obvious. The shifter weighs 125 grams. Put it together with the MZ80 Derailleur and the MX80 Cassette and you have a relatively lightweight, extended-range drivetrain for 11-speed bikes. More importantly, it’s meant to all go together, so there is no need to worry about incompatibility.

MX Shifter