Hope Tech 50-millimeter AM Stem

A leader in manufacturing of clean and functional parts, Hope’s 50-millimeter stem is no different. Just holding it, you can tell the stem is going to fare well in the long run. Available in 35, 50 and 70 millimeters, the stem also comes in either a 0 or 20 degree rise and works with 31.8-millimeter bars. Hope has used its extensive experience in machining parts to reduce the material used for a lighter stem without compromising stiffness. Available in six colors.

GU Campfire S’Mores and Toasted Marshmallow

Grab a box of 24 from GU for $36 or get a single packet at your local retailer.

GU’s latest flavors will keep you on the trail while making you believe you are, in fact, at a campfire. Or so the new flavors would suggest. Available in single serve packets, the new flavors pack the punch GU is known for, with 100 easily absorbed calories, sodium and amino acids. They almost sound healthy, except for the S’Mores and Toasted Marshmallow part.

Spurcycle Bell

Good looking and aerodynamic.

Back when I lived in Vermont, people made fun of me for riding with a bell on my bar. Here in Southern California people ride around with jingling cow bells to alert other trail users. Admittedly, there are a lot more people to watch out for in the greater Southern California metropolis, but whatever your reason for running a bell, the Spurcycle is small and stylish. Built in the United States, the bell is a stainless steel and brass combo which makes a single crisp and loud note. Available in black and raw steel for $50.

BLDG Active Repair Hydrogel

Fast and easy healing can be yours for $30.

Crashes happen, as do scrapes and bruises. In an attempt to save the environment, one bandage at a time, I am of the mind of leaving cuts open to the air. With the Repair Hydrogel I can now save the environment and reduce chances of infection. Rubbed on the cut, the gel kills 99.9 percent of bacteria within 15 seconds. Better yet, it is none toxic, with the active ingredient, Hypochlorous, being a naturally occurring substance produced by white blood cells. Basically, by rubbing this on a cut you are giving your body a head start with the same chemical it would be producing to heal anyways. You can purchase it here.