The Spot Rollik 607

Are those 2.6-inch tires?

Bigger and badder (in a gooder way). The Rollik 607 looks to be a beefed up version of the Rollik 557. It does have a bigger number at the end of its name, so it must be a bigger bike, right? The Rollik 607 has a Fox 36 fork and a Fox DPX2 shock. The old Rollik had a Fox Float EVOL and a Rockshox Pike RCT3. The new Rollik has the same living-link suspension and the drivetrain is now SRAM Eagle. Geometry? Travel? Full build? We will have to wait until Spot releases more details, but based on what I’m seeing, this bike is going to turn more than a few heads.

DVO Suspension

DVO had all sorts of goodies on display at the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival. With the new Giant deal the company clearly has some exciting products in the works. But details were hard to come by. So in the meantime we will speculate.

That’s Maestro suspension, and that’s a DVO Shock giving away very little information. Considering the partnership, the shock could be custom designed to work specifically with Maestro. And there a few knobs on the front, so lots of adjustment can be expected.

The Onyx is a downhill fork right? Yes, but it looks like there is a single-crown Onyx in the works also. And it is definitely long, so DVO is keeping with the extra-capable manner that comes with the Onyx name. And there are knobs on the top and bottom, so we can expect to see similar adjustments we have seen on other DVO forks..

That’s right, another fork. The current sapphire is aimed at a more XC and trail crowd, but this one looks right at home on a much more capable bike. And those don’t look like 32-millimeters stanchions either ….

Is that a switch on top of the piggyback? The Jade might be gaining some on-the-fly adjustability. And those mounts look like they would interface just fine with a Trunnion mount.