Here at Bike, we’re a bit split on insulated bottles. On one hand, per the same size bottle, an insulated version will hold less liquid. On the other hand, that liquid will be nice and chilled… for a while. On those notes, Polar Bottle’s Breakaway Insulated bottle might be a “have your cake and eat it too” kind of scenario, offering a full 24 ounces of capacity along with updated triple-wall insulation. Polar Bottle claims that liquid will stay cold for twice as long as their previous bottles, which is pretty rad for those mid-summer, multi-bottle days. What’s even more rad, especially for those who use hydration mix in their bottles, is that the valve can be disassembled for easy cleaning. Plus, it and the bottle are dishwasher safe, which just makes everyone’s lives easier. The valve is also seal-sealing on the go, similar to Purist bottles, so you can leave it open on the trail for quick sips and leak-free riding.

All that will run you $15, which you can spend in three different colorways on

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