We all know Honey Stinger from their delicious waffles (if you don’t know, you’re missing out), but you might not know that they all sorts of other nutrition goodies. From gummies to bars to gels to straight-up honey (seriously, we wouldn’t joke about honey), Honey Stinger knows how to satisfy both our collective sweet tooth and nutritional needs. Its new Performance Plus+ chews take the nutrition part further than what Stinger has done before, adding more electrolytes for better hydration (which doesn’t just come from drinking enough water), as well as supplementing everything with a dose of caffeine. To be specific, there is 10 milligrams more potassium and 95 milligrams more sodium than regular chews, and 75 milligrams of caffeine. If you’re curious about how caffeine affects the body, Honey Stinger has a quick reference guide here, complete with links to clinical studies. In short, the new chews are meant for extra-strenuous or extra-long periods of exertion when you just need a little bit—extra—to keep you at full speed. Of course, Honey Stinger offers them in extra delicious-sounding flavors: Stingerita Lime, Lemon Ginger and Mango Melon.

Available in boxes of a dozen for $30 (because, why wouldn’t you buy a box?), you can check out the full nutrition info and details at honeystinger.com.

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