Cliff Nut Butter Filled Energy Bars

$1.80 per bar.

No, Cliff Bar is not getting into the chamois cream game. Clif is filling its bars with nut butter. Open one up and it looks like a standard Clif Bar, oats and all. Bite into it and the classic organic energy bar gives way to a creamy center. With seven different flavors to choose from, you are bound to find one you like.

Nut Butter

FUNN Cockpit

The Kingpin bar and Strippa Evo stem go for $75 while the HILT Grips go for $16. Available in January.

The Kingpin bar may be flat, but don’t let that fool you. It’s no XC stick. This alloy offering is meant for big-travel and/or big-wheel bikes that may have more stack than you prefer. The 31.8-millimeter version comes in a 15-millimeter rise or in the low-slung 7 millimeter model you see here. There’s also a 30-millimeter rise in both a 35- and 31.8-millimeter clamp configuration if you can squeeze into a 785-millimeter width. It comes in six colors and weighs between 295 and 315 grams depending on which width and clamp diameter you go with.

The 45-millimeter Strippa Evo stem is a single-crown beast worthy of working with the Kingpin. The stem comes in either a 31.8- or 35-millimeter clamp diameter, and is lighter than it looks. It tips the scales at 143 to 175 grams, depending on options chosen.

To round out the bar/stem combo is the HILT Grip. Dual contour surfaces can be positioned however the rider wants for the most comfort and traction.

FUNN Cockpit

Lezyne Power Drive 1100I

The Power Drive 1100I starts at $100.

Only a few years ago, a light this size putting out 1,100 lumens would have been inconceivable. But now the power to blind car drivers just as much as they blind you can fit in the palm of your hand. The LED light is housed in a machined-aluminum body that is said to dissipate heat. The light has seven different modes ranging from Femto at 15 lumens and an 80 hour burn time, to Overdrive at 1,100 lumens and a one hour and 15 minute burn time. Strap on the optional Infinite Light Power Pack and that time is bumped up to 240 hours on low or three hours 20 minutes on high.

Powerdrive 1100I

CamelBak K.U.D.U. 20

The K.U.D.U. 20 goes for $230.

Specifically designed for mountain biking, and crashing, the K.U.D.U. has a built-in CE level II back protector. Just want the protector and not the 20 liter pack? No problem. The protector can be zipped out and worn alone. The pack also has bike specific features such as a removable tool sleeve, an integrated high-visibility rain cover, helmet and body armor carry options and a three-liter reservoir. The hip belt also wraps all the way around your waist to sit uniformly with no pressure points. Built in cargo pockets make for quick access to small items. The pack isn’t light, but then again, if you think you might need a back protector, weight probably isn’t the first thing on your mind.

Yeti Prospect Glove

A cool $45 and the Prospector gloves are yours.

Prospecting for new trail? This is the glove for you. It’s in the name. The glove has a tough, yet ultra-light and breathable backing and the palm is so perforated it looks like someway wore these while looking for hay in a needle stack. Small details like a suede thumb backing and silicone grippers on the pointer and middle fingers make the glove functional as well as comfortable.

Prospector Gloves


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