What does the modern trail-bike rider wear? With how good mid-travel bikes climb, spandex wouldn’t be far off the mark for comfort and speed. But, then again, spandex doesn’t offer much protection in case of a wash-out at the speeds mid-travel bikes can take on descents. In fact, one could almost justify some proper gravity baggies to go along with those 203-millimeter rotors you run on your 130-millimeter trail bike. Or, maybe, a short like Gore’s C5 Trail Lite Short could fit the bill. With a not-too-tight, not-too-loose design philosophy, the Trail Lite uses a semi-form-fitted cut to keep things streamlined, but mixes in a selection of tougher material to provide spray protection and durability. Aimed mostly at XC/Trail rides, the Trail Lite has maximum comfort in mind while offering more protection (and a “baggies” look) than straight spandex. A high, elastic waist with silicone grippers takes a step toward the bib-comfort end of the riding apparel spectrum, as do large mesh panels front and rear to help dump heat. That section of hard-shell-like material along the crotch inner thigh should ward off the light stream-crossing spray, and two pockets along the thigh bump up the every-day useability.

Available in in men’s and women’s (pictured), you can pick up the Trail Lite for $100 and in four colors. Check it out on gorewear.com.

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