The age-old question—does form or function matter more? There are, of course, arguments for both. We all thought neon pajamas were pretty cool in the early 2000s racing era, but that fanny packs were better left in the ’80s. Now, while we’ve thankfully left the pajamas (mostly) to the bedroom, we’re pedaling along with neon fanny packs—go figure, those things are actually useful.

And then there are our bikes. With the fanny pack revolution, we suddenly found ourselves with many ride essentials and nowhere to put them. Tubes (and bananas) started to get strapped to our frames, and our extra snacks (besides the banana) were relegated to floppy frame bags Velcroed to toptubes. It seems in the continuous changing of the fashion guard, we still had to keep up with the functional needs our sport demands.

In that light, not all new products are meant to turn heads or get likes, comments or follows—some are just meant to work. At the end of the day, when you’re out on the trails by yourself, performance and function might be all that matters.

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