Finish Line Tubeless Sealant – $40 / 1-liter bottle

This was the talk of the show. A tubeless sealant that won’t turn into useless rubber boogers in two months. The always-wet substance works, structurally like Slime tube sealant, which works, structurally, like your blood. It’s not the drying of it that plugs holes, it’s the tiny fibrous particles that group together to crowd an exit like so many airline passengers. In your blood, they’re platelets. In Finish Line’s tire sealant, it’s a mixture of unique Kevlar fibers suspended in a non-toxic, non-corrosive fluid that keeps the fibers mobile. That also means its easy to wash off, so no more scraping latex off your rims when changing tape.

100% Speedcraft Air – $325

The idea seems odd, but most good ones do at first. The Speedcraft Air from 100% integrates the concept of a Breathright strip with your sunglasses. You remember Breathright. Those stiff band-aids that go across your nose to open your sinuses and ease the flow of oxygen into your lungs. The Speedcraft Air uses magnetic tabs that adhere just above your nostrils and are attracted to magnets on the glasses bridge support. Though the science behind it has its skeptics, there are some compelling results. Road racer, Peter Sagan just won the Tour Down under behind a pair of Speedcraft Airs. You’re probably not at that level, and the shades don’t come cheap, but they have some remedial benefits to non-racers. If you’re unlucky enough to have inhibited breathing due to things like polyps or a deviated septum, you need all the help you can get.

Paul Set N’ Forget Quick Release Thru Axles – $83

For decades, Shimano QR skewers have been the best in the world for one simple reason. The cam mechanism that they run on is internal. It doesn’t rely on a soft plastic surface to pivot, and it’s not sensitive to debris and corrosion entering the system and scratching surfaces that need to stay smooth. Fox worked with Shimano to make their QR15 axles, RockShox figured out its internal cam model late with the Maxle Ultimate, but so many axles, especially rear ones, are still behind. It’s something we overlook all too often. A properly tightened axle helps with stiffness and bearing life. For those who are into those sorts of things, Paul offers the Set N’ Forget axles. Made in the U.S. (like everything else Paul makes), these are functional jewelry (like everything else Paul makes). Order them based on the specific measurement of your frame or fork. Like the Maxle Ultimate, you can index the lever to face in one of multiple directions to suit your needs. Set it N’ forget it.

Revelate Vole Saddle Bag – Estimated Price: $125

Revelate has a few heavy-duty bikepacking bags, but the just-released Vole bag takes it down a notch. The mid-sized bag is designed for trail-oriented bikepacking. It has a low enough profile to work with a dropper post and, in conjunction with the Wolf Tooth Valais clamp, you may only loose an inch of drop. Also, it's made to stay put, no matter the terrain. Its active cam straps will never loosen up under load, and there's an overbuilt brace extending from the saddle strap to the post strap. Extending from that brace and underneath the pack is a thick, stiff plastic shield. The shield adds some stiffness and serves as a skid pad if you're bikepacking with a full-suspension bike. The compression-style roll bag design is waterproof, durable, and ready for any adventure on any terrain.