Honey Stinger Bulk Gel and Gel Flask

Bulk gels go for $19 and are equal to 21 servings and the flask is only $3.

Not to get all political or anything, but global warming is a thing. As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, I try and protect the environment in any way possible. So instead of going with individually packaged energy gels, buy the stuff in bulk with a reusable flask. The flask can carry more gel than the packets, so you can go longer. And once the bulk container is empty, it can be recycled instead of the packets that are often relegated to the trash – or the side of the trail.

Gel Flask and Bulk Gel

Dynaplug Megapill

The MegaPill costs $75 and is made in the USA. Replacement plugs cost $10 for a set of 5 traditional plugs and $12 for 3 Megaplugs.

Do you like avoiding tubes at all costs? Do you like looking like you are carrying around drugs? The Megapill has you covered. The 2.5-inch pill is compact and has everything you need to plug a punctured tire and comes with two Megaplugs and five standard sized plugs, all housed in their own insertion tubes. Find the hole in your tread, shove one of these in and the plug fuses to the rubber as a permanent solution. No need to put in a tube and no need to buy a new tire afterwards. The normal sized Pill, which sells for $60, also comes with five standard sized plugs, but only two insertion tubes and no Megaplugs.

The Megapill

Bontrager SE4 Team Issue 27.5×2.6

The SE4 team edition ranges in price from $75 to $105 depending on size.

2.6-inch tires are on the rise. Invest before the bubble pops. Are they plus-sized? Not quite. But they aren’t quite normal either. The wider tread offers more grip with a bigger footprint and lower tire pressures. The SE4 Team Issue uses 61/50 dual-compound rubber to find the happy place between rolling resistance, grip and strength, and the beefy tread make this an enduro tire that can handle days in the bike park or all day laps on your local trail network.

SE4 Team Issue

CamelBak Chase Bike Vest

The Chase Bike Vest will sell for $100 and ships on January 2018.

Endurance runners have been using vests for years. They sit closer to your body and balance the weight between front and back better than a backpack. Some people might say they look dorky, but if Revenge of the Nerds taught me anything it is that looking dorky ain’t half-bad. The vest has a mesh pocket in the back, room for a 1.5 liter reservoir and rides high on the back, allowing access to jersey pockets. Between all the pockets front and back, the total cargo space is 4 liters, including the 1.5 liter reservoir.