The Camelbak Skyline LR 10 has gone through three iterations since we first saw it in early 2016. Its unique approach to on-the-ride luggage made a lot of sense. Keep the weight and bulk low but attach it to a traditionally shaped shoulder and waist straps. Then, we saw just how far that concept can go  with the Henty Enduro Pack 2.0 back in 2018. Though not quite as unorthodox, the latest version of the Skyline LR 10 is not far off. It falls somewhere between a small backpack and an extra-large hip pack, offering 10 liters of storage in the traditional bum-baggage location, but supported by light-weight shoulder straps with over-the-shoulder hydration hose routing. By the looks of it, this thing is suited for mid-length to longer missions, as hinted by its 3-liter reservoir capacity and recently updated tool-roll (a feature we’ve always loved about CamelBak) and that 10. Plus, there are little loops for carrying a half-shell, and points to lash body armor if you don’t want to climb with pads on.

Available in two colors, the Skyline LR 10 runs $135

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