Yeti LoadOut 5-Gallon Bucket | $40

The wheel gets a lot of hype for being the best invention ever. But people forget about the bowl. Imagine a world of only plates. It’s a dystopian, abominable image of what could have been. Once the bowl was invented, it didn’t rest on its laurels. It paved the path for other inventions like the spoon and of course, the bucket. The bucket is the workhorse of physical labor. Without it, many jobs would suddenly become a lot harder, and some would be just plain impossible. Yeti recognizes the value of a good bucket. So the company set out to make one worth noticing. The LoadOut is what they came up with. It doesn’t insulate, like pretty much all of Yeti’s other products, but it also doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. It’s simple, strong and ready for work. Yeti has created an elegant bucket.

LoudOut Bucket

Clif Energy Granola | $6

Energy bars aren’t always the best delivery method. Maybe you want to mix your snack with an apple and some yogurt. Maybe you want to make an açaí bowl. Previously, Clif would not have had you covered. Now they do. The energy granola is made with oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Available in 10 ounce bags, the granola comes in four different flavors so you can have the breakfast you’ve always dreamed of. Eat up and get riding.

Energy Granola

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Giro Riddance Flat Shoe | $130

The Riddance is a trail-worthy flat shoe. And like its name suggests, it will probably help you leave your friends in the dust. Whether they are out of sight because they don’t want to hear about your new shoes anymore, or because you are that much faster, is up for debate. What isn’t up for debate is the fact that the Riddance keeps things simple. It uses laces, the upper is water resistant and the sole is made from Vibram Megagrip. And with a name like that, you’re bound to stick to your pedals.


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100% R-Core-X DH LS | $80

What does the X stand for? Extreme? Extra light? Next level? We aren’t sure, but you could answer yes to any of those and you wouldn’t be wrong. This jersey was developed for downhill and enduro riding; it is lightweight and uses a mix of mesh and polyester panels to keep things cool—both looks and temperature. And it says 100% on it, so the jersey will persuade you too give it your all. It doesn’t say 110% though, so don’t get carried away. We wouldn’t want any crashes here.


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