Fresh Produce: The Precision Edition

Make sure everything is just so

Lezyne Digital Check Drive | $50

We’ve all done the squeeze test for tire pressure. Squeeze, squeeze again harder, eh good enough. It works when checking for extremely low pressure, but you’re selling your bike short if you aren’t dialing in PSI. To do so accurately, you’ll need a digital gauge—one not attached to a pump. Enter the Digital Check Drive. Press it on the valve, and you’ll have an accurate reading in a fraction of a second. Why bother? Pressure makes a big difference. Going to the bike park? Pump up the pounds to account for the high speeds, hard hits and bigger jumps. Trails are extra sloppy? Bring the pressure down to help your bike handle in wet conditions. Plus-size? Make sure your pressure is low, but not too low. It will feel harder than you think. The Digital Check Drive can give readouts in either PSI or bar up to 350 or 24, respectively.

Digital Check Drive

Swiftwick Vision Five | $20

Yeah, yeah, its a sock, what’s the big deal? To begin with, Swiftwick claims its socks will be the best you’ve ever worn. The company is confident. So confident that if you aren’t satisfied, it will replace the pair—even with a competitor’s product. Sock technology isn’t exceptionally exciting stuff, but that guarantee is something special. Now, onto the technology. The sock is moisture wicking and provides compression to improve circulation and reduce swelling. The footbed is also slightly thicker, resulting in extra cushion. The socks are 96 percent nylon, 4 percent spandex, 10 percent luck, 20 percent skill, 15 percent concentrated power of will. 

Vision Five Dash

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Shimano TL-CN42 Chain Checker | $37

Sure, we just did a Bike Hack about how you don’t need a chain checker, but there is an argument to be made against a ruler. The numbers are small, lining it up perfectly can be a pain and it requires remembering ratios and measurements. With your drivetrain at stake, maybe something more exact isn’t a bad idea. Say what you want about Shimano, but they are exact. The TL-CN42 is simple, fast and accurate. The two-pronged side clips into a link, holding the tool exactly where it needs to be. Then the other side comes into contact with the chain. If it slots into a link easily, your chain is stretched and it is time to replace it. If the tool instead rests on top of a roller and doesn’t quite fit, you’re good to go. Enjoy the ride.

Revant s2L Performance Sunglasses | $175

Revant was created in response to expensive sunglasses that don’t last. The creators wanted to buy one pair of sunglasses that would last a lifetime, and they couldn’t. So they created their own. The S2L uses a half-frame design with one large lens all the way across, resulting in breathability and max coverage. The arms are designed with non-slipping rubber, the lenses are polarized and the whole package weighs a mere 30 grams. Built in the U.S., Revant thinks it’s the only pair of sunglasses you will ever need, and they’ll back it up with a lifetime Max Care guarantee.

S2L Performance Sunglasses

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