Fast Suspension Yari and Revelation Compression Damper Upgrade

The damper upgrade will cost you €260, or $325.

The Rockshox Yari is a great fork. There’s good reason it finds its way to so many bikes. But dialing in the compression damping is anything but an exact science on Yaris. Pull off the cap and add or remove a plastic spacer. It’s like pumping up a tire if you could only pump in 10 psi increments. Ok, maybe it isn’t that bad. The spacers still work, and most people don’t need to fine tune more than that, but if you are a tinkerer, you might want a little more to tinker with. Enter the Fast compression damper upgrade. Pull out all of those plastic spacers and replace it with the Fast hardware. Suddenly you have two more dials, controlling low- and mid-speed compression damping. And it’s a cool flashy piece of metal on your fork to show off to your friends. It’s a win—win.

The Fast Suspension Kit Up

Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX

A ratchet for your pocket. It could be yours for $35.

When in the garage and something needs unscrewing, or screwing—like the cap on your fork to install a Fast Suspension upgrade—a ratchet is the right tool. It’s convenient, and simple. So why not bring that functionality to the trail? Because most ratchets are big and heavy, that’s why. Well, Topeak thought that made sense, but instead of compromising with a lowly multi-tool, the company made a ratchet small enough to fit in your pocket. It comes with 2-millimeter through 8-millimeter allen bits, a phillips head, a T25 and a T10. In other words, just about everything you need to work on a modern bike. And with the extra room in the handy velcro case, Topeak added two tire levers and a handle extender for extra leverage.

Topeak Ratchet Rocket 

BiB Creative Quick Link Pliers

For $12 you can own a pair of tire levers that can also break your quick link.

Park tool has a pair of pliers specifically designed for breaking quick links, and they work splendidly. But it is a specific tool that usually takes up space on the workbench instead of where you may need it most; on the trail. Enter the BiB Creative Quick Link Pliers. Originally distributed under the Clever name, but now also branded by Granite Design, the burly plastic looks like a tire lever crossed with a fork. Put them together though, and you’ve got a pair of pliers ready to break a quick link. Take them back apart and your tire doesn’t stand a chance. The two levers nest together and weigh 61 grams. Keep them on your work bench or take them on the trail. They will work anywhere.

Granite Design CLEVER Tool

BikeYoke Shifty

You can get Shifty with it for €32 ($40).

Little things can make a big difference. Especially when it comes to your derailleur. If you have a SRAM 11 or 12 speed drivetrain that isn’t shifting as smoothly as you would like, the Shifty might ease your pains. SRAM derailleurs come stock with a plastic pulley that rotates on a steel axle as the cable is pulled or released when shifting up or down. That pulley system can create a little bit of friction. Friction is bad, even a little bit of it. The Shifty alleviates that friction with an aluminum body and a very small set of bearings for it to rotate around. This allows the shifting cable to run smoother, in more severe conditions. No more loss of accuracy until you take a tumble and bend your hangar. We can’t help with that.

BikeYoke Shifty