Pearl Izumi Versa Barrier

The Versa Barrier retails for $140.

The Versa Barrier is versatile. Get it? Versa -- versatile? So clever. It’s a riding coat and stylish lifestyle piece all wrapped into one. What more is there to say? I guess I could mention that the shell is lightweight and water-resistant with hidden hand mitts and an under-the-helmet hood for when the weather takes a turn for the worse. And that there are reflectors on the wrists and lower back, which is lengthened for coverage in riding positions. But “versatile” sorta covered it. It is a good looking, comfortable jacket built for riding.

Versa Barrier

Pactimo Monarch WX-D Cycling Pants

Black is always in style. For $150 you could take that style to your mountain bike wardrobe.

It is winter. There’s no two ways about it. Unless, you’re in the southern hemisphere, in which case it is summer. So I guess there are two ways about it. But there are no more than two ways about it. And if you’re still riding during these cool months, first of all, good for you. Second of all, a good pair of pants makes all the difference. The Monarch WX-D could be those pants. A woven back and FrosTech+ material keeps you warm on the inside while keeping wind and water on the outside. They aren’t completely waterproof, which means they are breathable. Two pockets in the front and two in the back offer plenty of storage space and the ankles taper to keep any extra fabric out of the way. Pactimo suggests using the pants in 35- to 55-degrees Fahrenheit, but you can also wear them inside your climate-controlled home or office.

Monarch WX-D Cycling Pants

Blackburn Chamber Tubeless Floor Pump

$150. Carbon 780-millimeter bar and lock-on gips not included.

This pump is quite the windbag. Blackburn’s Chamber Tubeless Floor pump is ideal for seating a tubeless tire without a compressor. Pump to pressurize the chamber, and once it’s where you want it (up to 160 psi), flip a switch and all that compressed air shoots into your tire and seats your beads. Want to bypass the chamber and just pump regularly? No problem. Unlike most charger pumps, the air you push doesn’t have to pass through the charging chamber before entering your tire, saving time and energy. You might also notice the bars on this pump are a little different than most.  The interface where the handle connects to the pump is an alloy 31.8 millimeter clamp, just like your bike’s stem. In its jaws comes spec’d a perfectly reasonable, traditional-width handle. So naturally we decided to install a 780-millimeter-wide carbon fiber bar to make sure we were getting the most pumping power possible.

Chamber Tubeless Floor Pump

EVOC Stage 12L

The Stage goes for $140.

Hip packs are becoming all the rage these days. This isn’t a hip pack. Because sometimes you need more than a hip pack. Not much more, but definitely more. That is where the Stage comes in. The 12-liter volume is enough for up to a 3-liter bladder, lunch, snacks, a first aid kit and maybe even a beer or four. Or don’t bring any of that and fill it up with rocks instead. I can’t tell you what to pack. But I can tell you that if you want a small bag with enough room for an all-day ride, the Stage has you covered. The pack Evoc’s Brace Link for extra comfort, a helmet carry for XC and DH helmets, a tool compartment and a rain cover. The Stage has it all.

Stage 12L