Chamois Butt’r GoStik

The 2.5 ounce GoStik costs $15, while the 0.15 ounce stick costs $3.

This deodorant-shaped Chamois Butt’r isn’t worth putting on you underarms (unless you chafe there) but the application is just as easy. No more gooey mess. The GoStik is Chamois Butt’r’s first non-cream lubricant. The solid applicant is available in two sizes – the ultra-portable 0.15-ounce stick, or the larger but still portable 2.5-ounce stick. Chamois Butt’r says the GoStik will lubricate anywhere it is rubbed. Although they recommend places other than your chamois. Which is odd, considering the company name.


ODI F1 Float and Vapor Grips

Both F1 models retail for $19.

ODI took a tip from the infused oils trend and infused its grips. You won’t find a raspberry-flavored Float or a garlic and rosemary-infused Vapor. Instead, ODI infused its grips with air. So they are kind of like a sophisticated air-mattress for your hands. The grips are 30 percent lighter and ODI claims the air causes slower rebound for maximum comfort. The grips are 31.5 millimeters in diameter and feature a reinforced inner layer for increased durability. The Floats have a smooth profile with a micro-textured surface for grip and the Vapors have a more robust surface pattern with finger cutouts. The F1s just slides on also. No bolts, no problem.

ODI Grips

Wheels Manufacturing Universal Bottom Bracket Press

At $35, the price is right for the Universal Bottom Bracket Press.

Everybody loves a threaded bottom bracket. But not every bike has them. In fact, an awful lot don’t. And in true mountain bike fashion, there are a ton of different standards between bike manufacturers. Luckily, there are companies like Wheels Manufacturing to ease our frustrations. The press has two machined aluminum handles that thread onto a single half-inch steel rod. The handles each press against their own reversible, nearly universal drift. Both drifts have steps to fit almost every bottom bracket standard out there. Find a full list of compatibility on the website.

Wheels MFG Universal Bottom Bracket Press

Dynaplug Air

The full Dynaplug Air Kit costs $75.

This is one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ products. The Dynaplug Air is both a tubeless tire plug and an inflator, and does both jobs simultaneously. Insert the plug, open the valve and inflate to your desired pressure, then close the valve and pull out the plug shell, leaving a standard Dynaplug plug in its place. If all goes according to plan, the plug will seal the hole and your tire will be fully inflated.  The kit includes two 16-gram CO2 cartridges, four plugs and one Dynaplug Air tool. Dynaplug claims a single 16-gram CO2 cartridge can inflate a normal mountain bike tire to over 50psi, but if you’re skeptical, the system works with pretty much any threaded co2 cartridge. With the advent of tubeless tires, we’ve collectively lost our patience with flats. Combining patching and inflating into one action will speed up a process we’ve already decided we have no time for.

Dynaplug Air

Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit

For $100 you can take a torque wrench with you everywhere you go.

The heart of the Silca Ti-Torque wrench is a titanium shaft that flexes at a measured rate and an indicator on the torque wrench shaft that tells you how much torque (between 2 and 8 newton-meters) you're applying to your high-precision, high-priced components. Just stop twisting when your number comes up. But there's more to it than its heart. The ratchet you use to twist the shaft has a unique convertible design. Out of the box, it comes as a t-handle, but remove one 'arm' of the T and insert into the end of the other, and you'll get the extra leverage of a small traditional ratchet. There's also an extension bit that can be used, of course, to extend the ratchet. It also can be inserted sideways into the ratchet handle to make for an even wider T, or you can skip the torque component altogether and insert the extension directly into the ratchet. It has enough modular components that you'll probably be finding a new configuration every time you use it. And on the business end, you've got the option of the included 2- through 6-millimeter hex wrenches, T10, T20, and T25 torx bits, and a good ol' Phillips-head screwdriver. And it all tucks neatly into a durable snap-closed canvas case. As you'd expect from Silca, it's not cheap. But also as you'd expect from Silca, it's got quality, clean and precise craftsmanship that makes it feel like it’s worth the price.

Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit