The high-end cooler game is getting pretty fierce. Yeti no longer has a monopoly on the top spot thanks to things like solar chargers, Bluetooth speakers or, in the case of RovR's RollR series, pneumatic tires, alloy rims and a tow bar. It also features replaceable rubber latches, skid plates and gaskets. And if you pack it full enough, the foam-insulated design claims to be able to sustain solid ice for up to 10 days depending on conditions.

The entry-level 45-quart model goes for $370, the 60-quart for $400 and the full-sized 80-quart model is $450, and all come with a 5-year warranty. The BikR tow-bar kit works with most 12-millimeter thru axles and goes for an extra $54. But really, can you put a price on a cold can of pomegranate La Croix five days into a camping trip? I think not. Especially if that's 60 cold cans of pomegranate La Croix.

Learn more about RovR RollR here.


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