Perfect-length cable housing makes for a tidy cockpit. But any shorter than perfect is, by definition, too short. If you ever swap to wider bars or trim a kinked or frayed end off your housing, you might find your bars on a short leash. If it’s not convenient to run all-new housing right away, here’s a remedy.

Most of the time, cables and hoses loop from the controls around the head tube to the opposite side of the frame. It makes for cleaner lines and smoother operations, but it means going the long way around. Stringing your housing directly from the bar to the frame takes a couple fewer inches.  This might not work with internal or interrupted cable routing, but if you’ve got external uninterrupted housing, gently cross the housing back through the front triangle and straight up to its respective control. It’s not as good as running fresh lines, but it’ll get you on the trail. Just stop by a shop and get what you need on your way home.