We ask a lot of our suspension linkage. We want it to be responsive, durable and lightweight. We demand that it offers adequate tire clearance, stiffness and efficiency. Close to the bottom of that list is serviceability. Sometimes, bolts and pins get hidden behind frame members and rocker plates. Often, it's a game of reverse Jenga to properly re-assemble a frame after greasing a pivot or changing a shock. Perfect example is when a design requires that a spacer sits between two pivots. Until the bolt goes through it, that spacer invariably wants to slip through its respective crack. A crack barely wide enough for the spacer itself, let alone a pair of fingers to hold it in place. But in a rare moment of poetic convenience, suspension design has offered its own solution: Grease. It's already a good idea to sandwich all frame hardware components between some grease to keep them tight and quiet. It just happens that a dab of grease will also help suspend nearly any spacer delicately in place, just long enough for you to rotate the frame members back into position and lock everything down with the bolt. You'll have some excess to wipe off, but the process itself is nice and tidy.


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