Four people, two bikes, riding gear, camera bags and luggageall of that had to fit within this car for an eight-hour drive from Kathmandu to the Himalayan foothills. Photographer Ryan Creary and Matt Yaki had a 12-day bikepack of the Annapurna Circuit in order. If they arrived.

When their guide, Om, and his driver pulled up to the curb, Creary pondered how the puzzle pieces could possibly fit in the confines of the compact car, but the driver immediately sprang into action, tossing bikes on the roof in a tangle of tiedowns.

Five minutes down the road, it was apparent: As the carbon-fiber cargo jostled above, they knew the thrown-together setup wouldn't survive the long, bumpy journey over potholed roads.

They pulled over. Om ran into a store and emerged with supplies to fasten the makeshift roof rack. "He tried to get some cardboard, and that's just some random crappy string rope he has in his hands," Creary says.

Once the bikes were re-tied, they crammed into the car and set out for the mountains.

"Matt and I were in the back and Om was in the front," Creary says. "It was the scariest drive of my life."

Yet, they arrived, bikes whole and spirits high for the grand adventure ahead.