The first trip to this isolated location within British Columbia's Fraser Valley whet photographer Jussi Grznar's appetite for the big terrain's powerful potential. Grznar is an accomplished snow photographer, so envisioning dramatic mountain landscapes is nothing new to him. Last summer, wildfires inhaled forests surrounding this patch of the Fraser River's desert, forcing the crew to pull the plug during the first trip attempt. "It was so smoky, you couldn't see 10 feet in front of you," Grznar describes. "We knew there were serious forest fires in Canada, haunting us as the trip was developing."

After the 11 p.m. escape, the crew's truck broke down sometime around 2 a.m. and Mason Mashon, Grznar and KC Deane camped beside it, far enough from flames for a brief reprieve.

Grznar didn't hesitate when he got the call for the second trip. Mashon and Deane climbed this ridge as a bonus lap, hoisting bikes from the eight-person tepee below that acted as their base camp. It's rare that the two close friends appear within the same frame; Mashon is a talented photographer as well, making the captured climb of even deeper importance to Grznar. Here's to second chances.