The September issue photo gallery

Opening Photo: John Gibson

I’ve driven across Nelson, British Columbia’s Big Orange Bridge hundreds of times and never taken notice of the artwork hidden beneath the town’s iconic gateway.

My mind first went to someone riding the stairs, but, I quickly learned people boost the handrail. Go figure. Matt ‘Monty’ Montandon nailed it repeatedly—always with a big smile on his face. Some things just naturally line up.

Justinolsen 18 JSO_5236 copy

Photo: Justin Olsen

Cody Kelley’s trademark style shined brightly through parting, rain-soaked clouds this past winter outside of Laguna Beach, California.

Ds_stock_11182017 9900 1 copy

Photo: Dave Smith

Cooper Quinn cupped a delicate lichen offering during a sopping deluge on British Columbia’s North Shore beneath tall cedars’ arms of umbrage; a small moment part of a bigger picture.

Simon Silver – Boulder Creek, California

Photo: Ian Collins

Rock is rare in Santa Cruz, California. We’ve got Redwoods, perfect soil and even roots but true slabs are hard to find.

Regardless, Simon Silver and I can’t help but sniff out lurking lines. After getting skunked by a misleading nearby line, we stumbled across this sleeping beauty: a loamy chute bisecting a steep rock uplift, covered in majestic greenery.

The runout wasn’t OSHA-approved but I suggested it anyway and Silver teed it up without hesitation.

We still haven’t found any rideable slabs but this is as close as we’ve come—steep dirt naturally waterfalling through Santa Cruz’s version of rock. We’ll take it.

Thankfully, since the soil naturally benched its way into the rock’s crevice, no moss was harmed in the making of this moment.

Matt Yaki, Manang, Nepal

Photo: Ryan Creary

Riding in Nepal takes patience, you need to take rest days to ward off altitude sickness by minimizing your elevation gain. After five days on the Annapurna Circuit staying in local teahouses, Matt Yaki and I took a day to acclimate by the Marshyangdi River Valley up around 11,500 feet.

We found this crisp singletrack incised into a knife edge above a glacial lake just above the town of Manang. By shooting from above, I was able to isolate the lake’s vibrant hue contrasting with the stark line of otherworldly singletrack as Yaki flows along into the unknown abyss. Nepal is overpowering to put it lightly.

20170305_021_1834 copy

Photo: Scott Marketwitz

Oat Hill Mine trail’s variety is unmatched in the Bay Area. Joe Pridmore climbs peaceful, sweeping, soft-dirt turns stretching from vineyards to raucous rock outcrops overlooking Calistoga’s tight undulating valley in Sonoma County.

MartinSDJI_0213 copy

Photo: Sven Martin 

Arranging this shot of Wyn Masters searing down a ridgeline in Madiera overhanging the Atlantic was anything but easy. I juggled a drone in my left, a full-size, heavy camera in my right. Fortunately, this silent, lone moment of racer against clock cloaked in green was captured despite the controlled chaos I battled on my side of the lens.

Dolomites18_Gulevich_ByADL 4207 (1) copy

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

Sometimes, shots line up without orchestration. Geoff Gulevich stopped for a wardrobe adjustment, I bent down to arrange camera gear and when I turned around, he had magically composed himself. Framed by rock, light and Pali di San Martino’s unforgiving peaks, I had my moment.

This image speaks to exactly what you can expect tip toeing tires across the roof of the Dolomites—slow, technical jagged heaps that thankfully erode into flowy forests below. But one thing’s for sure: At the top, it’s anything but easy. Perfect for a North Shore guy like Gully.


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