The Trans-Cascadia has quickly developed into a world-class event over the few short years of its existence. For the first time since its inception in 2015, the race will be held in the backcountry of Washington this year, instead of Oregon, running a celebration of singletrack through 45 miles of reclaimed forests. One of the pillars of the Trans-Cascadia event is to promote and build sustainable trails in the Pacific North West, and this year the race will be following reclaimed trails that were brought back into existence with the help of thousands of hours of volunteer work, and years of planning.

This year, a lot of classic race favorites will be back and chomping at the bit, including past winners Geoff Kabush and Aaron Bradford. Joining in the party will also be the entire Santa Cruz Syndicate, including the Greg “G.O.A.T” Minnaar, Luca Shaw, Loris Vergier, Steve Peat and Josh “Rat Boy” Brycland.

The Trans-Cascadia is a truly remote and backcountry race: The base camp doesn’t have WiFi or cell service, but descents ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 feet along big mountain ridges and through old-growth canopies will ensure the racers have more than enough entertainment to keep them fully occupied through the days, and with plenty of stories for the campfires at night.

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