Photos: La Bresse Qualifying Results

The track dried out nicely in the sun today, allowing riders to push a bit harder than yesterday's timed runs. But the track continued to evolve a fair bit before the qualifier. In one section, a rider in the inside line would push rocks out into the outside line, and vice versa. The end result? No two runs for any rider in the morning's practice were truly the same.

Tracy Moseley and Steve Peat put their old school stamp on the La Bresse track in qualifying. Moseley took the qualifying spot in the women's race by :01.66 seconds over Sabrina Jonnier, while Peaty had a tighter time of it, edging out Gee Atherton for the top qualifying spot by :00.37 seconds.

Bottom line? Qualifying is all about getting a ticket for the big dance tomorrow, so it doesn't really matter where the riders qualified. Kovarik, for example, qualified in the 43rd spot, but he's definitely a threat for the podium. Sure, nit-picking, bike-racing nerds out there will gleefully point out that the 50 UCI points that Peaty and Moseley picked up for qualifying fastest may add up to an overall season crown, and they're right, but that's something to argue about in September. For now, it's all about tomorrow's race.