Events: Take to the Dirt on National Trails Day

Photo: David Reddick

Photo: David Reddick

As if you needed another reason to ride your bike this weekend; but National Trails Day is June 6 and it represents a government-sanctioned mandate to ride any of the 200,000 miles of trails wedged between Maine and California. So what does a fat-tire nerd do on Trails Day?

Get yourself onto the AHS’s event website, where you can check out local outdoorsy things going on in your state. At first, this is going to look like it’s not for you—it’s a hiking-centric site, but there’s plenty of stuff for mountain bikers, too. Most of it is trail work, group activities and various other granolalicious activities.

Are there bike rides scheduled for Trails Day? “Yes! Absolutely!” says Heather Sable, trails programs manager for the AHS.

Some examples of a Trails Day well spent: an epic ride out of Irvine, California; a five-borough trailwork day in six parks across New York City; a trailbuilding day and afternoon ride sponsored by IMBA in Nashville. If you don’t see any bike-related events in your state, check back in a day or two; new events are being added all week.

If you live in Southern California and you’ve got a grom to entertain, one of the standout events is the Outdoor Outreach/ZOIC event at Los Peñasquitos Canyon Reserve. Get there at 8:45 a.m. for trail maintenance and stay for the 11:30 a.m. ride. After that it’s free lunch, a pony ride (not for you, for your kid) and a raffle with prizes. To get a ticket, visit All proceeds go to Outdoor Outreach, which supports underserved youth in the San Diego area who are at risk for dropout, drugs, violence and pregnancy.

Better yet, you can create and register your own event by filling out this form. If your favorite trails have downed trees, litter, or, well, not enough trails, then June 6 could be the day to get people out to help you groom, whether they’re mountain bikers or hikers. The AHS even has a guide for potential event-planners, and a page dedicated to promoting your event in the local news media so you’re assured a decent turn out; all you have to do is follow their instructions, and hope for sunshine.