Events: Freedom Riders to get a totally OC screening

SoCal mountain bikers will have the opportunity to slurp PBRs, benefit IMBA, and enjoy the viscerally entertaining and socially responsible version of our freeriding battle for trails at the same glorious time. On Wednesday, June 24, San Clemente’s OC Tavern Grill & Concert Hall will host a viewing of Freedom Riders, the much-vaunted film by Gravnetic and KGB Productions that has been making the rounds of the lower 48 for the past several months.

Freedom Riders explores the history of freeriding from its inception, but most importantly, it focuses on the ongoing struggle for trail access and the victories that can accompany legal, cooperative action with the Forest Service and other trail-usage bodies. The true story chronicles the group's trajectory as its members metamorphose from renegade trail builders to some of today's most constructive martyrs of freeriding trail access.

The $10 cover will get you access to brews, bros and charitable benevolence without actually having to lobby or get dirt under your fingernails.

Freedom Riders premiered at the Sea Otter Classic in mid-April and then embarked on a 50-stop national tour to raise money for IMBA. Check out