9-16-07 // SSWC is going going, back back, to Cali Cali

Thanks to the heroics of Curt Inglis, the craftsman behind Inglis and Retrotec bikes, the 2008 Singlespeed World Championships is headed to Napa Valley in California after two consecutive years in Europe.

The heroics, specifically, came during the 2007 SSWC during "The Decider," a twisted triathlon of sorts involving a fixed gear roller race, downing a shot of "some real nasty scotch," followed by a 30-second rendition of the traditional Highland Fling Scottish dance. Both finalists, Inglis and Durango-booster Max Cooper, turned in artful and noble performances, and ultimately a popular referendum (read: drunken screaming) settled it in Napa's favor.



Next year's event will be held in Skyline Wilderness Park, where Inglis already has booked a few hundred campsites in anticipation of the hundreds of one-speeders who will descend on the wine snob capital of the world. Fat tire faithful will remember the park as the venue for the Mountain Bike World Cup back in 1998. Inglis already has secured the domain name for a Web site in the works, and says he has a general idea of what he needs to do, based on his experience putting on a race every year with the Eagle Cycling Club. "But half the stuff we have to deal with is all the BS we won't have to deal with next year," says Inglis. "There'll be no UCI guy, no timers, no numbers."


"We're going to run registration so every area can come," Inglis added. "We don't' want it to be the California bowl. If there are 10 guys from Sweden that want to come, we'll give them a fair shot. If you're from California and haven't ridden here already, that's your fault."Inglis said one of the best parts of the SSWC in the past has been exploring the host cities and a surrounding areas, like Stockholm two years ago and Aviemore in Scotland this year, and he is hoping to have rides led out in Annadel State Park in Santa Rosa and at Mount Tam.

Inglis said he's still ironing out the details and accepting sponsorship submissions. Although the site isn't up yet, keep an eye on www.SSWC2008.com for updates.