7-24-07 // Crankworx Videos And Travel Update

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I landed in Vancouver a few hours ago. It’s the first sunny day they’ve seen in about a week, hopefully things stay this way. I’m staying in town tonight and touring the Norco factory tomorrow, then it’s up to Whistler. I’m scheduled to be in Canada for two solid weeks, this is going to be a marathon trip concluding with the Darren Berrecloth Invitational at Mt. Washington. You can read more about that event HERE—check out the list of competitors signed up so far, this is going to be one sweet event. There’s going to be a lot more in store this week as many Bike magazine members will be joining me in Whistler to watch the competition and more importantly, to ride! Check out www.bikemag.com for daily updates all week long.


There are Starbucks in Canada but true Canadians go to Tim Hortons