6-18-07 // The Great Divide MTB Race is Under Way

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Race began on Friday, June 15. It started in Port of Roosville, Montana and crisscrosses the Continental Divide north to south to Antelope Wells, NM. This route is the very definition of the word “remote.” Additionally, competitors aren't allowed any outside support, carry all of their own gear, and restock their food and fuel supplies as they pass through towns along the way. The route consists of dirt road and singletrack mountain-pass riding totaling over 200,000 feet of elevation gain and 2,490 miles in length.

Twenty-four racers began this year's event including Rick Hunter of Hunter Cycles. This year the racers can call an 800 number any time 24 hours a day and leave voice messages with their progress and experiences. The messages will be transcribed, hopefully within 12 hours and blogged onto http://greatdividerace.blogspot.com/ where you can read about their progress.