2-19-07 // Buenos Dias a que Gran Canaria

Cannondale launched two completely new, designed-from-the-ground-up bikes to an international field of 40 international media wankers last weekend on the island of Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria is a principality of Spain off the north-west coast of Africa. Eternally sunny, it's a popular European tourist destination. And with miles of epic, windy, freshly paved roads and shuttles that dish out 6 thousand feet of descending on rocky and raw terrain, cycling is growing in popularity here.Cannondale's apparently massive European operation has set up camp here for the next month, and will be running its dealers here through the new bikes. The media got the first peek, and, coincidentally the weekend fell on Carnival, an absolutely insane street party where it seemed every citizen of Gran Canaria was dressed up (mostly in drag) and dancing and boozing in the streets.But take away all the sunburnt, Speedo-clad German tourists and all the little diesel-powered Euro cars and you're left with terrain not a whole lot unlike Southern California, eight time zones away. In fact the trails we rode Saturday and Sunday on the new bikes were a dead ringer for San Diego's Noble Canyon. Same rocks, same vegetation.And that's where we'll be testing both these new bikes soon—the 130-millimeter-travel Rize and the 160-millimeter Moto.We'll publish an in depth web report on the main page soon. Until then here's a sneak quick glimpse.

I'll bet I could throw a football over that mountain….I’ll bet I could throw a football over that mountain…

Pano-RamalamadingdongGran Canarians sure are good rock stackers

GPS map of our shuttleWhere the F is Waldo

Rize shots

rize lefty stylieCannondale’s still swinging to the left. Now with a FoxRacing-Shox made setup in the Lefty 130 RLC, as well as with the new Lefty PBR. Check bikemag.com for details coming soon.

Moto shotsA mic’d up “Experimental” version of the Moto. As of now, the Moto only will be available in a carbon frame.

Bling'd out Moto, bad picture…Some quick juicy details on the Moto: 1.5-inch Head tube, massive, massive carbon fiber headtube and front triangle, Maxle thru-axle rear end. Yum.