11-12-07 // Boulder Cross Report

An awesome location for a cross race

By former Bike magazine editorial intern, Mollie Foster, reporting from Boulder, Colorado.
It takes two…(wins that is) as U.S. cyclocross champions Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) and Ryan Trebon (Kona) demonstrated as they conquered the competition last weekend at both Boulder cyclocross races. Saturday marked The Redline Cup, a UCI C2 race, held at the Boulder Reservoir followed by The Boulder Cup, a UCI C1, on Sunday at Harlow Platts Park in south Boulder.

Both days had sunny blue skies with winds picking up on Sunday throughout the day. Maybe it was the anticipation or maybe the increasing number of fans, but winds mysteriously settled just before the beginning of the elite men's competition.

Twenty-seven women geared up for the 40-minute race at Harlow Platts Park, located behind Fairview High School, at the foothills of the Flatirons creating an unmistakable backdrop for the race. By the first lap Katie Compton had already proved her dominance by building a 15-second gap between her and Georgia Gould. Compton kept her speed and distance finishing 76 seconds before Gould. Finishing third was Rachel Lloyd with Wendy Williams and Kerry Barnholt fourth and fifth at the finish line.

Following suit, Ryan Trebon slaughtered the competition. Of the 66 riders that started the race, Trebon lapped all but 13 of the elite men's combatants. He charged through the straightaway sections and left Tim Johnson, Jeremy Powers and Kona teammate Barry Wicks in the dust. Trebon crossed the finish line triumphantly hailing a large sword handed to him by a group of young fans; possibly the local knights from Fairview High School?

Boulder Cup results

1. Katie Compton, Spike-Primus Mootry-ROL Wheels, 37:52
2. Georgia Gould, Luna Chix, 39:08
3. Rachel Lloyd, Proman-Paradigm, 39:32
4. Wendy Williams, River City Bicycles, 40:01
5. Kerry Barnholt, Tokyo Joe’s-Van Dessel, 40:46

1. Ryan Trebon, Kona-Your Key Mortgage, 1:01:00
2. Tim Johnson, Cannondale-Leer-Cyclocrossworld.com, 1:02:21
3. Jeremy Powers, Cyclocrossworld.com-Leer-Ridley, 1:02:52
4. Barry Wicks, Kona-Your Key Mortgage, 1:03:59
5. Chris Horner, Ridley, 1:04:28
No mud here…

Katie Compton

Ryan Trebon