Oakley is a sunglasses company, first and foremost. It’s been the company’s focus for years. At the same time, Oakley has made backpacks, clothing and now helmets. But the focus is still and always has been sunglasses—this played a big part in the DRT 5’s design process.

The DRT 5 uses a BOA fit system, which we are beginning to see more of in helmets. This is a good thing. Just read our Bontrager Rally review to see how much we liked it. Oakley decided to go with the system because the fit is great, but also because the thin cables BOA uses are less likely to interfere with eyewear. Along those lines, the helmet straps are designed to be worn outside of the glasses arms, away from the face.

There are just two pads inside the MIPS-equipped helmet. One is a little pad at the crown of the head, the other is a ribbed silicone strip across the forehead, meant to channel sweat to either side of the face. It really is just ribbed rubber. Nothing absorbent. The helmet is MIPS only.

Most notable about the DRT 5 is the glasses clip on the rear of the helmet. Flip up the clip and with one hand you can rest eyewear arms into the waiting clip. The clips are lined with silicone pads to stop glasses from moving around. For easy access (read as chill climbs) you can leave the clips open and just rest the glasses in them. If more security is required, close the clips and they will be clamped in for rowdy moments on the trail. The clips keep the glasses on the outside of the helmet, so no more poking your head, and they’re designed to work with almost any sunglass arm shape.

The DRT 5 will retail for $200.

More info available at Oakley