Eurobike has officially kicked off and among the wall-to-wall booths and non-stop product releases, there are a few things you don’t want to miss. Here are some new products that caught our eye while exploring the show.

Formula’s Nero

The Nero R is available in matte black or ultraviolet.

In Formula’s first foray into dual crown forks, they’ve pulled out all the stops. With a self-stated goal of developing the most easily adaptable suspension for any situation, along comes the Nero, available in two configurations–the R and the C. The Nero R is an air sprung fork with the usual adjustments for a sealed damper–high and low speed compression, along with rebound. On the air side of the fork, the Nero R features three chambers working simultaneously  to control positive, negative and progressivity of the travel. That last adjustment means you can adjust how progressive the fork is on the trail as opposed to opening it up and adding a volume spacer in the garage. Available in 27.5 and 29-inch options, the 200-millimeter travel Nero R features color coded knobs on the top and bottom of the air side of the fork. The Bronze knob on the bottom controls negative adjustments, the silver on the top controls positive and the gold controls end-stroke progressivity. On the damper side, the fork features 21 clicks of rebound, 12 clicks of low-speed compression and 20 clicks of high-speed compression.

The Nero C is a coil sprung option offering a preload adjustment and the same damper as the Nero R.

Gold and silver knobs up top and a bronze on the bottom adjust the three chamber air fork.

Reynolds Blacklabel 29 XC

The new XC wheel from Reynolds is black on black.

New this year Reynolds has updated its 29 XC wheelset to be lighter, faster and cheaper. Yep, count ’em, all three descriptors in one sentence.  The carbon rims feature an asymmetric profile, providing more even spoke tension and a stronger wheel. With a depth of 26-millimeters an inner width of 25 and an outer width of 30, the wheels are best run with smaller XC style tires. In addition the front wheel has dropped from the previous model’s 28 spokes to a lighter 24, while the rear wheel maintains 28. Reynolds has also switched out the hubs for the XC wheels, changing from DT Swiss to Industry 9 for quicker engagement. Available in boost only, the 29 XC wheelset weighs 1,380 grams.

Ergon GA2 Fat

Fat grips for phat riding.

Ergon has steadily been gaining popularity with comfortable, colorful and supportive mountain bike grips. The GA2 Fat builds on the this reputation, and one of their more popular models the all mountain and gravity-oriented GA2. As you can probably guess, these grips are fatter, noticeably so. This makes a difference for riders with bigger hands, or those who simply want a little less chatter communicated from the trail to their wrists. Available in black, blue or red.

Ortlieb Bikepacking

The new, smaller bags from Ortlieb.

Ortlieb has been in the bike bag game for a long time, so it should come as no surprise that their bikepacking bags are worth noticing. For 2018 Ortlieb has taken their bikepacking line and made it smaller. Smaller volume means less weight, less unwanted movement and more compatibility with compact frames. Of course all bags will also be 100 percent waterproof and will be made in Germany.