9-5-08 // Srammershredding


After spending the last two months unveiling Truvativ's new Hammerschmidt drivetrain to every media outlet on the planet, Eric Schutt, the company's mountain bike pr manager spent a few days surfing.

Bali? Indo? Even the Jersey Shore? Nope. Schutt caught his waves on the tranquil lakes of the Midwest. His method? Power-assisted surfing. "Yes, this is the way we surf in the Midwest…we burn 2 stroke," he said.

And no pr manager would be doing their job if they didn't include all the relevant product information: "This is 25+ years old now. We bought it (barely) used when I was like 11 or so. Check out the vintage decal action! The control off the front is a hydraulic throttle control, then it has a tether/kill switch that you can see going from the engine area to my vest. It’s a two cylinder, two cycle (pull start only) that I think it rated around 15 hp. It'll top out at about 30mph."

Ah, the combination of recreation, PBR (conspicuously absent from these photos) and the whine of a motor is a combination that's as Midwestern as tornado chasing and bass fishing.