9-4-08 // SBC Hits the Bigtime


It's all fun and games until the New York Times gets involved. What started out as a prank, turned into Bike magazine's popular last page: the Sh*tbike Challenge.

When we resurrected an old Softride Bully "beam bike," and challenged riders across the country to spend a day riding it, we knew we would draw some laughs. But the Times?

Absolutely. Frequent contributor Kristin Butcher shed some gears and brought the bike to Napa for the 2008 Singlespeed World Championships. The site of Ms. Butcher, dressed in an evening gown and a tiara, pedaling the sh*tbike was too much for Times photographer Peter DaSilva to pass up and he snapped this shot to accompany reporter Lucy Burningham's story on the event.

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