6-27-07 // Ninja Warrior Challenge!

NinjaNot since such televised masterpieces as MST3K and MXC has there been such an amazing TV show as the Ninja Warrior Challenge. In fact I'd bet somebody else's first born that those Dancing With The Stars pansies can't last ten seconds in the Ninja Warrior obstacle course. This is the veritable pinnacle of televised athleticism. I even heard a rumor that NWC was going to bump ballroom dancing out of the 2008 Olympics except for the whole Manchurian invasion back in 1931—which was led reportedly by, you guessed it—ninjas!

Why am I writing about NWC on the Bikemag.com blog you ask? Well because I can and also because you too can be a ninja warrior! That's right folks get ready to send in video tapes of you tip toeing across stacks of tea cups, riding your bike across the ceiling and catching flies with chopsticks. The folks at www.g4tv.com want to see you dancing across rooftops ala Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Starting July 2 and ending July 29, hopeful competitors over the age of 21 can upload video of themselves demonstrating their superior athletic prowess at the Ninja Warrior website. From those submissions, G4 will select 10 semi-finalists. Once the semi-finalists have been revealed, viewers can vote for their favorite competitor to determine the three finalists who will appear on G4's live, daily series "Attack of the Show." The winner will then be selected by G4 following the contestants' "Attack of the Show" performance. Hopefuls should upload video of themselves demonstrating all the necessary Ninja Warrior attributes, including strength, speed, agility, flexibility, stamina and the passion to compete among some of the finest athletes in the world.

Genki de ne!