8-16-07 // Greetings from Port de Solei

To be more precise, greetings form “The Tunnel,” a British pub in Chatel, France, and apparently the only place nearby our hotel with internet. (Thanks, Scott Bicycles, for letting my hijack one of your fleet cars after dinner to find the place.)

We’re out here for the launch of the Gambler, Scott’s new DH/FR bike. Replacing the High Octane and the Nitrous, Scott’s former DH and FR bikes, respectively, the Gambler platform has an adjustable head tube angle, from 64 degrees (DH) or 66 degrees (FR). It also has interchangeable dropouts to lengthen or shorten the wheelbase by 10 millimeters. The new frame comes in a Long or Short version, with a difference in top tube length of just 3 centimeters.
Scott's Adrian Montgomery, swinging from the rafters of our chateau
If you think we're living the high life, we sort of are, but we're also fitting four stinky boys (3 journos, one Adrian Montgomery) in a pretty small little space.
After a morning of rain we sat through a product presentation, and Scott's bike marketing manager kicked it off with some schnapps (hey, when in France…).
Note to all bike companies: Stating a product launch with shots begets warm, fuzzy press.
All warm and fuzzy, we took in the story of the development of the Gambler from designer Benoit Grelier, assisted by test riders and co-product developers Ben Walker and Mike Hopkins. More on this later.

Chatel, France
Anyway the riding apparently is epic. We got a few runs in this afternoon after waiting for the morning rain to stop… it didn't. Hence, no bike pictures, although they're forthcoming. Got wet enough to warrant a hosing down afterwards. Clothes/pads/shoes are in the boiler room of our place drying out, I hope.

Gamblers out in force

More to come.

Au revoir