4-03-09 // Fan Mail

We get all kinds of e-mails sent to Bike. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them are from the trustees of wealthy political prisoners in Uganda who desperately need our assistance transferring funds out of the country and are offering generous monetary compensation. But sometimes, we just get cool pictures from devoted readers. Here’s one that recently floated in over the transom.



I can still remember where I was when it happened. I was browsing the mags at a local grocery store for anything that had to do with bikes. It was March of 1994 and that was the day I discovered Bike. I knew from the first time I opened the pages that it was going to be the one for me. Bike has out lasted a few relationships, jobs, several moves and even out lived a few family members. I could go on and on with visions of situations I have encountered with a copy of Bike in my hand. The Volume 7 No. 4  issue rode around in my Jeep Wrangler for 7 yrs without a top on the jeep. It stayed folded in half strategically stuffed in the slot above the glove box. I bet it hit the floor at least 50 times as it slid out from the result of climbing some ridiculous hill side. It’s been viewed at least 100 different times by 50 different people but it endured and has now been retired to the trunk. I can’t tell you the times I had to resist the temptation to rip, tear or cut pages from the photo issues. I’m not sure why but something inside of me just wanted to keep all the copies complete. I ‘ve watched from my life as Bike has gone through some low points but has rallied back. I’ve seen trends, gimmicks and careers come and go. I’ve watched technology bounce back and forth between old and new as it creaps forward into the now. I’ve seen riding styles and events push the envelope to a point that would have never been thought possible.

I’ve been riding my Yeti Arc since 1996. She has been a wonderful and faithful girl. I’ve worn out four sets of suspension forks, two paint jobs, two groups of components, three saddles and countless tires and tubes. All items purchased as a result of Bike mag. The wear and tear is starting to show on her and my ass. I’m thinking that full suspension is in my near future. In this time of govt. bailouts and stimulus hopes, I need a new ride. I’m convinced that the new Santa Cruz Blur LT2 is the bike I need to be riding into the next segment of my story. So how bout it, How about a little love for your number one fan?


Rusty Wilson

Pottsboro, Tx