9-11-07 // Morgan The Metalhead

Bike magazine assistant photo editor/extraordinaire Morgan Meredith has a tough life. He rarely gets to travel to Bike events and he spends most of his weekends cooped up in the studio, shooting product that he rarely gets to ride for both us and for Powder magazine—and he doesn’t even ski.

But Morgan struck gold this summer: First with a two-week trip to B.C. and at this moment he’s off partying it up with Lopes and Peaty in Scotland for the World Championships. I’ve been dropping hints to go on that trip all year long (sniff), but here I am, left behind in the office.

But while Morgan develops his palate for single malt his mail keeps piling up back in California, and look what just landed on his desk: a showroom condition (and I mean this frame has never even had a bottom bracket installed in it) Spooky Metalhead. It’s got to be close to ten years old and it’s still never been ridden. Seems all those karma points from riding the train to work instead of driving his car finally added up to something. Morgan just better get back to the office before we build it up and start riding over cars in the parking lot!



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