12-3-07 // A Truly Innovative Way to Break Stuff

Welcome to Truvativ’s test lab – where perfectly good bike parts go to die.

It’s sort of slow around the office but will be picking up soon. In the meantime I’m cleaning out my hard drive and these pictures and video snippets deserve a little play. We visited Truvativ’s test lab back in July for a story on these sorts of test labs that appeared in the August issue. Timely, I know. Anyway, two tests here, one on cranks, the other on handlebars. Both are “ultimate load” tests. The fun kind, which break parts violently and catastrophically. As opposed to fatigue tests, which will cycle a part through it’s normal use over and over and over through thousands of cycles until maybe it breaks. Bo-ring.

On to the carnage. The first clip is the crank test. With the bottom bracket fixtured in place and pedal inserts connected to a boom connected to a giant hydraulic lifter, the machine pulls vertically up on both crank arms until something gives. Usually this test yields catastrophic failure. Instead we just got to see the crank arms yield 5 or 6 inches.
truvativ crank test



This second machine is the guillotine. Load a handlebar into a weighted sled and drop it from near the roof. Handle bars will always break, it’s how they break that the test lab techs are interested in. And us, we’re just interested in watching something break.

truvativ Hbar test