11-3-08 // Ho, Ho, Ho…Holy Sh*t!

Lynskey Trike

With the holiday seasons upon us (evidenced by the already rampant Christmas kitsch replacing Halloween kitsch in every level of retail hell from the Kwik-E Mart to Wal-Mart), outlandish gift ideas already are starting to circulate on the webbernet. Exhibit A, via Gizmodo, is a post titled Titanium Tricycle Ensures Trust Fund Babies Break The Bank, Not Their Bike. The Ti Trike in question is a reportedly $2,500 Lyskey-made titanium toddler’s dream bike--if, that is, a toddler could comprehend such things.

From Gizmodo: “Made of titanium, the hook is the trike is nigh indestructible, meaning rich little snots can pedal around the driveway without fear of bending the frame or snapping it in two. Racing to the mailbox for the latest Hammacher Schlemmer catalog has never been safer…. Just be wary of that silver spoon in your kids’ mouth as [they] jockey for position at playtime…. Choking hazard, anyone?”

An exhaustive three-minute Google search failed to verify the hefty price tag, but Lynskey’s own blog lists the starting price for such trikes at a much more, ahem, reasonable $800/per. We are, after all, in a recession