11-29-07 // This Guy is Rad

Brian Bartlett, who rides for Iron Horse and Hayes, just launched a new company to market a prosthesis of his own design. For the last couple years Brian has been test riding, refining, re-engineering and retooling an artificial leg capable of not just pedaling but of bona fide free riding. The fruits of his labor: a twin-tendon design that uses a patented Bartlett Tendon for support and a Fox Racing Shox rear shock for damping. Brian is what they in the prosthetics biz call an “AK,” or Above-the-Knee amputee—the type that isn’t supposed to be able to ride a bike.

Well then, here’s the $64,000 question: if he’s not supposed to ride a bike, why is he probably faster than you?

See more about Brian and his new company at LeftSideInc.com.