11-13-07 // Ay, Chihuahua!

Buenos dias, and greetings from the Chihuahua International Airport…. 18 hours after we first got here. Still no plane, something about leaking gas. Duct tape has been called for.

We’ve been down here with Trek for the launch of the new Remedy, a completely redesigned 6-inch All-Mountain bike that we took to task for 3 extended days of shaking down.

Trek chose the rugged, rocky trails around here to spotlight the Remedy's big-hit chops. Big Mountain Adventures was on hand to lead a series of epic rides along the mesas of Copper Canyon. Riding was only part of the story though. The scenery was vast, the weather was perfect and the scene, the food and people were a throwback to a few decades ago. The trails date back even further, carved into the terrain courtesy of the native Tarahumara people, whose culture has been preserved by the rugged canyons ever since the time of the conquistadors.

In the next couple days we’ll have a photo gallery up from this last weekend’s riding, courtesy of the one and only Sterling Lorence. We'll also have the full rundown of the new bike, which promises to be a heavy hitter in the All-Mountain category.

Chihuahua shuttle vehicle

Ryan from Big Mountain

The new Trek Remedy

Tarahumara kids selling trinkets at the trailhead

Copper Canyon Gnarl

Valley of the Monks, Creel, Mexico