10-22-07 // Flashback To Fat Tire Flyer

After a weekend racing the 24 Hours at Moab I had a bit of down time to cruise some of the bike shops near our hotel. I headed for The Chili Pepper and couldn’t help but notice a stack of old magazines on their coffee table. I looked through them quickly and immediately spied this bit of gold: a 1985 copy of Fat Tire Flyer.

Charlie Kelley started the Fat Tire Flyer in 1980 as a club newspaper published by himself and Denise Caramagno. It was the only mountain bike publication until 1985. Charlie wrote most of it, using different pseudonyms, took photos, did the layout and printing, edited plenty of text, managed subscriptions and handled the mailing list until publication ceased in 1987. For more info about Charlie and Fat Tire Flyer back issues (which he may still be selling copies of!) go HERE.

This particular issue (Nov/Dec) had 28 pages and several notable stories including articles about riding the Flume trial in Tahoe, the first Mammoth Kamikaze event, Moab’s Slickrock and NORBA/USCF drama plus other tidbits. Here’s a few scans of some choice pages in case you are interested in what mountain biking looked like 22 years ago.

Here’s the cover

Here’s the table of contents


Here’s an ad for an American Montaneous, which features an eccentric head tube insert to change the frames head angle—a bit of frame trickery still employed today by companies such as Commencal




Coverage of the first-ever Mammoth Mountain Kamikaze race, which they also claim is the first use of chair lifts to access the top of a trail.


New products


And finally a Ritchey ad on the back cover