1-25-08 // Hog Heaven

About 15 years ago, a local shop near my hometown in Pennsylvania advertised its store by handing out "Funhog" stickers. These rub-on stickers showed up on thousands of cars, but I never quite grasped the Funhog concept. And I still don't entirely see the connection. But this photo snapped outside a BBQ joint during our recent trip to Sedona seems to sum it up pretty well. Coincidentally, we had just finished riding two locals' favorites, High on the Hog and Hog Heaven, when we stopped at the Redrock Family Style BBQ. We saw the piggy costume in the corner and begged a skeptical waiter to let us take a few photographs with it before we left town.

Fun Hog

If you haven't ridden Sedona yet, put it on your must-do list; the riding there is some of the country's best. And if you're going, check out Bike Magazine's online Trail Finder, launching this spring at BTrails.com (no, it’s not up yet…). Eventually we will have all the details, including photos and GPS info, from our favorite Sedona trails, plus a few hundred more trails from around the country. We're putting the finishing touches on the site now and plan to launch it later next month. We're going to kick it off with a massive pig roast at the Bikemag H.Q.