Uvex and Lupine have partnered up to develop a semi-integrated helmet and light system. The Uvex Supersonic LX helmet range has been specifically designed to have Lupine’s Piko U3 light mounted to it. Uvex claims that this system offers secure, sturdy and simple light mounting interface that helps to prevent the light from bouncing and shaking.

The 55g Lupine Piko U3 has a 2.5-hour battery life at its full 550-lumen output and a 50-hour life at its lowest output. The battery can be attached to the helmet using a special adapter, or, for riders who prefer to carry a larger Lupine battery in a pack or jersey pocket, there is an extension cable available. Like all Lupine lights, the Piko U3 is compatible with all Lupine battery sizes.

The uvex Supersonic LX helmet costs $139, while the matching Lupine Piko U3 LED lighting system runs $310. Both are available in stores now.